EOFP 2011 Recap

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Thanks to everyone who came up and made this year’s annual End of Faire Party such a huge success!

Step n Fetch 2010-11 graduates:

  • Rogue Jack Martyr Ketch, Fka Step n Fetch Self-Inflicted Martyrdom, set sail on the Koumori
  • Rogue Malice, Fka. Step n Fetch Dropout, set sail on the Lady Sinister
  • Rogue Hilo, Fka. Step n Fetch [Get the hell outta my] Doorway, set sail on the Crimson Storm
  • Rogue Valya, Fka. Step n Fetch Pestilence, set sail on the Lady Sinister
  • Rogue Wyld Chance, Fka. Step n Fetch Three Toed Sloth, set sail on the Crimson Storm
  • Rogue “TK” The Kate, Fka. Step n Fetch Sober up, Fka. Salt Lick, graduated after two years in the program and set sail on the Nautilus.

The 2011-12 Step n Fetch class:

  • Step n Fetch “Pinch my Barbie Pink Cheeks” (aka. Barbie), Fka. Talon Darkness
  • Step n Fetch Seersucker, Fka. Twisted
  • Step n Fetch Barnacle Breath (aka. BB), Fka. Sahar
  • Step n Fetch Touch Hole, Fka. Decadence
  • Step n Fetch Shiver me Timbers, Fka. Lady Night Earth
  • Step n Fetch Sekishi, Fka. Lelneria

Congratulations to all of the new graduates and best wishes to the incoming class:  Right to the heart of Davy Jones with ye. May God have mercy on yer souls… Yarr! Read on… »