2008 Pie-in-the-Face

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2008 Pie-in-the-Face

Well, it finally happened!  After being postponed twice due to unforeseen difficulties, we finally got the Madam creamy!

Madam Devyne sports a creamy new look!

The auction for Pie-in-the-Face was held November 22, 2008 at our wonderful Harbourmaster’s house.  The turnout was larger than expected, despite the confusion of it being moved so often.

Pie-in-the-Face is one of our largest yearly fund raisers.  We collect money all through the Faire season, and the top five Rogues are scheduled to get a pie in their face.  Madam Devyne, Portmaster Vindorein, and Commodore Amon were auctioned off out of the top five. Unfortunately, First Mate Stalkie McGroper and Quartermaster Fin McEwok of the Sun God, also in the top five, were not in attendance. Due to their absence, Captain Ohm and First Mate Merlot were auctioned off, and have promised revenge. Look out, Sun God!

Captain Ohm takes a hit for an absent Sun God member.

Merlot received the highest bid as several people banded together to get a piece of the action. Unsurprisingly, quite a few people also paid for the opportunity to lick the whipped cream off the participants. Also unsurprisingly, Madam Devyne collected the most money for that.

Merlot laughs through her pie-induced trauma.

I would like to thank Fidget McFeely for collecting money during Faire, and Step ‘n’ Fetch Baby Girl for helping run the auction. You both did a great job. We could not have done this without you.

Sir Vindorien prepares himself while the crowd laughs..er...cheers him on.

A group of Rogues looks on, grateful to be pie-free.

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