The Changing of the Guard

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Colorado Rogues Have New Commodore

In 2009, Commodore Amon announced that, after 8 years of service as the Colorado Rogues’ fearless leader, he wished to step down from his postion to focus on the Captaincy of his ship, The Sun God. 

Several brave and mighty Captains in the Fleet stepped up to run for the newly-available Commodore position, and an election was held on New Year’s Eve, 2009, with the results being announced at midnight.

We extend our gratitude and respect to Captain Amon for his years of service and his deeply valued leadership, as he pursues new mayem with the crew of The Sun God.

Congratulations and a most hearty welcome to Commodore Traveler Hawk.  As she takes the helm, we look forward to following her on new journies across these adventurous seas!

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