2011 Rogue Picnic & Games and Chili Cook-off

While we’re not pillaging at the Renaissance Festival, we love attending various events throughout the year. In addition to several annual charity events, we also host a number of parties just for fun. This year the Captains of the Colorado Rogues agreed that we should combine two of our larger events into one even larger event, and thus this years annual Chili Cook-off will be hosted along side the 2011 Picnic and Games.

The Picnic

This portion is pretty self explanatory: we all bring yummy picnic dishes to eat and to share. We hang out and chat and generally have a great time as we wait for the festivities to begin.

The Games

By winning the Rogues Cup last year, the Sun God has been awarded the honor of coordinating the Games portion of the festivities. Some of the games they’ve created for this year include:

  • Tug of War
  • Dodgeball
  • Grenade Toss – To test a Pirates Aim. New game for this year’s Picnic
  • Captain’s Challenge – How well can you follow orders? New game for this year’s Picnic
  • 3-legged Sprint – 3-legged race with a competitive twist. New game for this year’s Picnic

The top three ships will be awarded points based on their performance in the games by this year’s Referees, Captain Amon and First-Mate Stalkie McGroper. Every ship that participates has the chance to win a sash for their banner to display proudly at fair and the ship who wins the most points in all events wins the Rogue Cup and bragging rights for the year.

The Chili Cook-off

Previously the Chili Cook-off  has been held at EZ Pickins and the bar formerly known as Netherworld Cafe, but this year we are thrilled to hold it outside with a beautiful view of the Front Range. Rules are relatively the same this year as in years past, however, the number of votes each ship can cast will be limited to 3 and Chili’s submitted will be judged based on these categories:

  • Color and appearance
  • Aroma
  • Spiciness
  • Taste and aftertaste
  • Uniqueness

The Nautilus will be once again officiating the judging and procession of this event. Because the Cook-off will not be a day-long event as in previous years, the presentation category, which has proven to become an elaborate display by some ships in the past,  has been eliminated from the judging this year.

The Picnic, Games and Chili cook-off  will be held at Clement Park in Littleton, and is open for Rogues and their guests. Park Rules can be found here. Remember to bring your sunscreen and lots of water though: we live  in a very dry climate and there have been some pretty warm days at past picnics (And I still have a farmers tan from a nasty sunburn last year!). For more detailed info on this event, see the post on the Rogues forums.

We hope to see everyone at the Park this weekend and best of luck to all the participants!

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