EOFP 2011 Recap

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Thanks to everyone who came up and made this year’s annual End of Faire Party such a huge success!

Step n Fetch 2010-11 graduates:

  • Rogue Jack Martyr Ketch, Fka Step n Fetch Self-Inflicted Martyrdom, set sail on the Koumori
  • Rogue Malice, Fka. Step n Fetch Dropout, set sail on the Lady Sinister
  • Rogue Hilo, Fka. Step n Fetch [Get the hell outta my] Doorway, set sail on the Crimson Storm
  • Rogue Valya, Fka. Step n Fetch Pestilence, set sail on the Lady Sinister
  • Rogue Wyld Chance, Fka. Step n Fetch Three Toed Sloth, set sail on the Crimson Storm
  • Rogue “TK” The Kate, Fka. Step n Fetch Sober up, Fka. Salt Lick, graduated after two years in the program and set sail on the Nautilus.

The 2011-12 Step n Fetch class:

  • Step n Fetch “Pinch my Barbie Pink Cheeks” (aka. Barbie), Fka. Talon Darkness
  • Step n Fetch Seersucker, Fka. Twisted
  • Step n Fetch Barnacle Breath (aka. BB), Fka. Sahar
  • Step n Fetch Touch Hole, Fka. Decadence
  • Step n Fetch Shiver me Timbers, Fka. Lady Night Earth
  • Step n Fetch Sekishi, Fka. Lelneria

Congratulations to all of the new graduates and best wishes to the incoming class:  Right to the heart of Davy Jones with ye. May God have mercy on yer souls…

Changing of the Guard

The former fleet Flagship, the Sun God was put into dock for the final time this season and Captain Amon, our previous Commodore, hung his Captains hat for good. Captain Amon retired this year with full honors in order to set sail towards warmer waters in the South. Because his absence would create a vacancy within the fleet, Captain Amon named his First Mate, Stalkie McGroper, as a new Captain. Captain McGroper has hoisted the sails on a new vessel, which they christened ‘The Blood Eagle‘ and along with his new First Mate, Fin McEwok, the crew set sail in search of new adventures.

The Blood Eagle

The fleet wishes Captain Amon a fond farewell: His dedication and service to the Rogues will be remembered for years to come and we hope that his future journeys bring him much happiness.



New Ship Members and Promotions

The Raging St. Mae – Fleet Flagship
The Raging St. Mae has undergone many changes this year and among those changes has been a large downsizing of the crew. This downsize has reduced their numbers to 3 active crew, including the Commodore, and a number of inactive, out-of-state members. The ship hopes that these changes will enable them to serve the Rogues better by sharpening their focus on the Fleet and it’s needs.

  • Fidget McFeely – Promotion to “Dextra”, or “The Right Hand” (First Mate Equivalent)
  • Solace Shadowmane – Promoted to “Sinestra”, or “The Left Hand” (Quartermaster Equivalent)

The Raging St. Mae also said goodbye to Tempest Stormbringer, her former First Mate and long-time Rogue, who retired this season. Tempest was the editor-in-chief of the 2010-11 Rogues Yearbook  and has held many different positions within the fleet over the years. The Rogues wish her well in her future journeys.

The Blood Eagle

  • Ed Wojld McLaird (Fka. Featty) – New member, formerly First Mate on the Koumori
  • Uriel – New Member, formerly on The Raging St. Mae

The House

  • Lady Mayhem – New member, formerly on the Raging St. Mae.

The Lady Sinister

  • Lusca – Promoted to Quartermaster
  • Taggot – New member, formerly on the Raging St. Mae

The Nautilus

  • Yeyo – New member, formerly on the Raging St. Mae

The Koumori

  • Momoko Haine – Promoted to First Mate
  • Kitsune – Promoted to Quartermaster


2011 Rummy Awards

Started back in 2006, the Rummies are Fleet awards given to Rogues who have gone above and beyond the call of duty this Faire season. This years winners are:

Coffer Corsair: Rusty Bastard
For utilizing multiple opportunities to raise money for the fleet.

Serendipitous Siren: Tempest
For organizing the Rogue year book, assisting with the finalization of the Code of Conduct and handling her first year as the fleet First Mate with grace and dignity, amid some really sticky situations.

Membership Maven: Fidget McFeely
For organizing the Rogue Cards program, another very valuable fleet fundraiser.

Honorable mentions:
This year also marked the finalization of the Rogues Code of Conduct.  In the 5 years since it’s inception, there have been almost 30 people who have had a hand in it’s creation.  We thank them all and recognize their hard work in this task.

Lifetime Achievement Awards:
Captain Morgan and Former Commodore Amon were also recognized this year for their years of dedicated service to the Fleet.

New FoRs

FoR, or Friend of the Rogues, is an honorary title of recognition that the Fleet awards to special people outside our ranks who have been an asset to the Rogues in one way or another.

FoRs, are auxiliary members of the group who share the group’s interest in the Renaissance period and are generally active within the group, but who are not full Rogues or Step n Fetches. FoRs generally have a long term association with the Rogues and know a much larger group of full Rogue, however they cannot become Rogues unless they decide to take their Fleet contributions to the next level and go through the Step n Fetch program.

On Saturday night, the Captains Council voted on the new FoRs as the Fleet witnessed. Here are the newly recognized Friends of the Rogues:

  • Visiting Captain, Raphael Thorne
  • Lady Thorne
  • Jazon
  • Dice
  • Pillow Top

Congratulations to all who were bestowed with this honor.

We can’t wait to see everyone again next year!

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