Heading into the Faire

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May 10th I was honored to be chosen by you as your commodore. With leadership change always comes global change.
Change is good. Change is the wind that propels our sails forward.

…but we need strong crews running each yard of each ship and tacking the sails correctly to move with that change.

Unfortunately we have been sailing full sail for so long our masts are cracked and worn by our storms. Its time to reef some sail and provide some respite so we can make repairs.

We need to lash hawsers to each others ships and become one united front.

On Saturday June 14th we will be marching to the pub following the cannon at 4 bells in the forenoon watch. We will be disembarking and entering shore leave for the summer. We will set sail again following EOFP.

It has been some rough times but in rough times we must find strength in our core values.

So, I ask each of you during this down time, find a new friend, buy someone outside your circle a drink and genuinely enjoy each other’s company. Reconnect with old friends and those that maybe were left behind.

Above all have a wonderful time, and let’s take all the pub has to offer in wine, wench and song together!

See you there.
~Cdre. Stalkie McGroper

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