The Rogues of Colorado, better known as The Colorado Rogues, are a group of likeminded ruffians, scallywags, brigands, fortune seekers, wenches, assassins, cutthroats, bootleggers, corsairs, buccaneers, and all around pirates based out of Denver, Colorado.

As a reenactment group, The Colorado Rogues can be found at the Colorado Renaissance Festival in Larkspur, Colorado. While Colorado itself is a landlocked state, The Rogues have found a way to provide reenactment and entertainment to the masses by representing what pirates were like on shore leave. In the Pirates Pub, you can find the Rogues squandering away their precious treasure, as pirates were aught to do, by imbibing a few pints, interacting with patrons, and singing along with the stage acts, who are, appropriately enough, comprised of members of The Colorado Rogues. If they are not in the Pub, then they are most likely asking the King for permission to plunder a few ships under a Letter of Marque so they can go back to the Pirates Pub and do it all over again.

Outside of the Colorado Renaissance Festival, the Rogues participate in educating and entertaining local schools by bring the Golden Age of Sail to the wide-eyed children of Denver. The Rogues have also been seen at local pubs participating in trivia contests or a good round of karaoke. Plans to participate in local parades and conventions are currently in the works.

When not providing entertainment, The Colorado Rogues are doing what they can to support their community. By organizing such events as toy drives, food drives, and charitable events, The Colorado Rogues does what it can to give back to the community. In 2007, the Colorado Rogues organized a benefit for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, raising over $5,000 to help with research. Plans for another event in 2008 are currently in the works.

The Colorado Rogues, in essence, is a social organization based around piracy with the goal of supporting the community that surrounds them. Because not everything that is treasure is gold.