Twizted Sails: Thanksgiving Treats!

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When we go on shore-leave for holidays, us Pirates always have tons to be thankful for- rum, booty, good pals (we like to call them “hearties”), family, a good ship and great food.

Lady Tempest has collected a number of favorite treats from our ranks and included them over at her blog, Twizted Sails.

They sound delicious! Thanks Tempest!

Twizted Sails: The Story of the Nautilus

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The Nautilus


The Colorado Rogue’s are a fleet of “ships” which each have their own unique voice and story to tell.

Today we will be presenting one of those stories for your enjoyment.  This will be the first in the series of, “Ships of the Fleet”. This week we will be focusing on The Nautilus.

Please see Mistress Stormbringer’s full article over at our sister-blog: Twizted Sails

EOFP 2011 Recap

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Thanks to everyone who came up and made this year’s annual End of Faire Party such a huge success!

Step n Fetch 2010-11 graduates:

  • Rogue Jack Martyr Ketch, Fka Step n Fetch Self-Inflicted Martyrdom, set sail on the Koumori
  • Rogue Malice, Fka. Step n Fetch Dropout, set sail on the Lady Sinister
  • Rogue Hilo, Fka. Step n Fetch [Get the hell outta my] Doorway, set sail on the Crimson Storm
  • Rogue Valya, Fka. Step n Fetch Pestilence, set sail on the Lady Sinister
  • Rogue Wyld Chance, Fka. Step n Fetch Three Toed Sloth, set sail on the Crimson Storm
  • Rogue “TK” The Kate, Fka. Step n Fetch Sober up, Fka. Salt Lick, graduated after two years in the program and set sail on the Nautilus.

The 2011-12 Step n Fetch class:

  • Step n Fetch “Pinch my Barbie Pink Cheeks” (aka. Barbie), Fka. Talon Darkness
  • Step n Fetch Seersucker, Fka. Twisted
  • Step n Fetch Barnacle Breath (aka. BB), Fka. Sahar
  • Step n Fetch Touch Hole, Fka. Decadence
  • Step n Fetch Shiver me Timbers, Fka. Lady Night Earth
  • Step n Fetch Sekishi, Fka. Lelneria

Congratulations to all of the new graduates and best wishes to the incoming class:  Right to the heart of Davy Jones with ye. May God have mercy on yer souls… Yarr! Read on… »

2011 Rogue Picnic & Games and Chili Cook-off

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2011 Rogue Picnic & Games and Chili Cook-off

While we’re not pillaging at the Renaissance Festival, we love attending various events throughout the year. In addition to several annual charity events, we also host a number of parties just for fun. This year the Captains of the Colorado Rogues agreed that we should combine two of our larger events into one even larger event, and thus this years annual Chili Cook-off will be hosted along side the 2011 Picnic and Games.

The Picnic

This portion is pretty self explanatory: we all bring yummy picnic dishes to eat and to share. We hang out and chat and generally have a great time as we wait for the festivities to begin.

The Games

By winning the Rogues Cup last year, the Sun God has been awarded the honor of coordinating the Games portion of the festivities. Yarr! Read on… »

The Colorado Rogues and Mid-Air Adventures join forces to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation on April 2nd  in Thornton, CO.

Avast me hearties! On April 2, 2011, Mid-Air Adventures and the Colorado Rogues will host their 2nd annual charity event to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Swashes will be buckled, booty will be plundered, and adventure will be had for pirates of all ages!

This family-friendly charity event will be held at Mid-Air Adventures, located at 9499 Washington St. in Thornton, CO. From 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM, kids of all ages will be able to enjoy food, crafts, treasure hunts, DJs, pirate sing-alongs, and all the adventures available at Mid Air Adventures – including jungle rope swings, a rock-climbing wall, and the longest indoor zip-lines in the United States.
Yarr! Read on… »

The Changing of the Guard

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Colorado Rogues Have New Commodore

In 2009, Commodore Amon announced that, after 8 years of service as the Colorado Rogues’ fearless leader, he wished to step down from his postion to focus on the Captaincy of his ship, The Sun God. 

Several brave and mighty Captains in the Fleet stepped up to run for the newly-available Commodore position, and an election was held on New Year’s Eve, 2009, with the results being announced at midnight.

We extend our gratitude and respect to Captain Amon for his years of service and his deeply valued leadership, as he pursues new mayem with the crew of The Sun God.

Congratulations and a most hearty welcome to Commodore Traveler Hawk.  As she takes the helm, we look forward to following her on new journies across these adventurous seas!

Commodore Amon Interviewed by The Denver Post

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Upcoming Whirly Jig Shows!

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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Whirly Jig!

Whirly Jig will be playing twice in March 2009 – so grab a green beer (or a Guiness), and come sing along!


Saturday, March 14, 2009
9 p.m. – Midnight

McClellan’s Grill & Brewing Company
413 Main St.
Canon City, CO


Tuesday, March 17, 2009
9 pm – Midnight

Floodstage Ale Works
170 S. Main St.
Brighton, CO 80601

2008 Pie-in-the-Face

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2008 Pie-in-the-Face

Well, it finally happened!  After being postponed twice due to unforeseen difficulties, we finally got the Madam creamy!

Madam Devyne sports a creamy new look!

The auction for Pie-in-the-Face was held November 22, 2008 at our wonderful Harbourmaster’s house.  The turnout was larger than expected, despite the confusion of it being moved so often.

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Crimson Storm Donates Handmade Baby Blankets

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Baby Blankets from the Crimson Storm!

On Saturday, November 29, 2008, the crew of the Crimson Storm completed their year-long project of making baby blankets to donate to charity.They delivered 48 handmade baby blankets, 10 handmade flannel receiving blankets, 30 handmade shoulder burp cloths, and 15 handmade bibs to the St. Joan of Arc Church in Arvada. The St Joan of Arc Church will be distributing the blankets and other items to various groups that help unwed mothers who have decided to keep their babies.

Each year, the St. Joan of Arc Church collects many donations to create lovely gift baskets for young teen mothers, single mothers, women in crisis, homeless shelters, and families in need. The Crimson Storm’s blankets were received with great enthusiasm and will be placed where they will fill the greatest need.

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