Colorado Rogues

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Who we are

A group of Playtrons, Reenactors and Faire Rats from the Colorado area with an interest in the golden age of sail and its related fiction and fantasy.

Inspired by the flag of Capt. Jack Rackham, the Rogues' flag is displayed above.

The waters of the Colorado Rogues (aka, The Rogues of Colorado or the "Eastern Slope Rogues") are sailed by the various Ships of the Fleet found on the front page of this wiki.

A Colorado Rogue, as used on this site and within our group, is any inducted member of the Colorado Rogues organization, which is led by the Commodore and the Captain's Council.

While we have a close bond with the Grand Junction Rogues (the "Western Slope Rogues"), and indeed some are members of both groups, they are not directly affiliated with our group or this site. Similarly, there are many other Rogue groups across the United States with which we sail. Collectively, we use the term "Rogue" in reference to the individuals within our own groups as a shortened form of our individual group names. Membership of other groups (IBRSC, IFRP, IWG, Rogues of California, etc.) does NOT automatically make you a member of the Colorado Rogues. Other Rogue Groups is a list of the more notable ones that have crews and provide interaction at the various faires we frequent. If you are a group and aren't on here we apologize. But we probably haven't interacted with you on a fantastical level yet to warrant us notifying the fleet of your presence.

Members of this group must first undergo a process of indoctrination known as the Step n' Fetch program, as determined and managed by the Harbourmaster. Signup for this program is held during the weekends of the Colorado Renaissance Festival. There is no getting around it.

We also have a Friend of the Rogues (FoR) auxiliary group, consisting of folks who were either active members of our fleet at one point, or with whom we have formed a personal alliance with. This is a title of honor, reserved for old friends and comrades who have set out on adventures with us, and many times come back as our guests.

Current activities

Rogue Only Events

Events that are termed Rogue Only are events that are only available to full members of the fleet. Step n' Fetches may be included to help and become involved with the group depending on the event.

These events are another perk for being a full member of the group.

  • Rogue Picnic and Games
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Masquerade Ball
  • EOFP (Rogues and invited guests)
  • Captains Council Meetings

Open Events

  • Birthday Parties
  • Halloween Party
  • XXX-mas


The Colorado Rogues have contributed to various non-profit organizations within the local community. Events include:

  • Holiday Canned Food Drive
  • Blood Drive
  • Holiday Toy Drive
  • Charity Events

Praise Be the Bones

The Anthem of the Colorado Rogues

Praise Be the Bones
©Melissa Cournoyer 2009

Light the candle of memory, to a time not long since passed
‘How did this all begin?’ is a question often asked
There are things as yet unanswered, when we recount our history
So come aboard, and we’ll set sail and illuminate the mystery

We proudly sing a chorus - with honor lift the ladle
Rememb’ring those who came before us, those not yet in the cradle
Those who stand beside us, and make this place our home
Raise a glass to future and past
Praise Be the Bones

Looking to the past now, two figures form our roots
Both strong and swarthy devils; both cutthroats in tall boots
Two men - our forefathers, two pirates spawned our fleets
Two salty dogs unfurled the flag that flies above the sheets


He now holds many titles, but when this all began
Captain Aramis Donegan McCleary, The Neptune’s Fury the ship he ran
With his loyal brother, they ventured near and far
Captain Devon Davidson ' The Red’ at the helm of The Amber Star


And now I will give thanks to you who charted this course
And I raise my voice to my family by choice and to those who are its source
Though the path be smooth as glass, or there be shrieking storms that blow
I am always proud when I say
“I’m a Rogue from Colorado”