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The rank of Commodore is a position bestowed upon a ship's Captain who commands squadrons of more than one vessel. In many navies, the rank of Commodore was merely viewed as a Senior Captain position, whereas other naval services gave the rank of Commodore the prestige of flag officer status.

In the Colorado Rogues, the Commodore is a Captain with more diplomatic responsibility. The Commodore is essentially Chairman of the Board of the Rogues, responsible for planning and holding regular Captains Council meetings. In addition to his ship duties as a Captain, the Commodore is also responsible for taking on the obligation and prestige of representing the Rogues at various events, piratical or otherwise.

When the current Commodore is ready to retire and has Captains Council approval to do so, Captains are nominated by their ships. Members of the fleet then vote, via secret ballot, on their choice for the new Commodore. Once votes are tallied by an independent party (usually the Current Commodore, with the help of selected Step 'n Fetches), the Commodore Elect is named and arrangements are made for the transfer of authority as the Commodore and Commodore-Elect sees fit.

The Colorado Rogues current Commodore is Jettie von Karma

Past Commodores of the Colorado Rogues

Captain Amon of the Sun God: 2001-2009

Commodore Hawk of The Raging Saint Mae: 2009-2013

Ogre of The Lady Sinister: 2013-2014

Stalkie McGroper: 2014-2016