Decommissioned Ships

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Below are list of the Ships that have either been decommissioned or are no longer a part of the current fleet, most often due to a change of Captain.

On each ship's page you will find the some of the historical information about the ship while they were a part of the Colorado Rogue fleet.

The Gadjo Safir

Gadjo Safir banner.jpg

Theme: Black Sea Merchants

The Gadjo Safir is a band of merchants offering the Rogues the ability to turn plundered bounty into spendable coin.

Captain: Fidget Stiltzkin

Colors: Royal Blue and Copper.

Commission: 2014-2015

The Lady Sinister


Theme: British Colonial Smuggling

The Lady Sinister in this year of Two Thousand and Thirteen was given the standard of the Colorado Rogues to bear as the newest flagship of the fleet.

This ship was commanded by Captain MuttQ and later Ogre M Greybeard

Colors: Silver and Black

Commission: 2005-2014, Fleet Flagship 2013-14

Madam Cricket's House


Madam Cricket's House Was left by the fleet's favorite ladies, and transformed into The House Boat. Same saucy ladies, now mobile and ready to offer their services to the Fleet on the high seas!

Commission: 2004-2014, and beyond

The Crimson Storm


The Crimson Storm As the Fleet's Warship The Crimson Storm concentrates on combat and fighting skills, weapon use and shanai fighting are provided to ship member's, and if room provides, members of the fleet.

Captain: Captain Morgan

Colors: Maroon and Black

Commission: June 2004 - August 2013

The Raging Saint Mae

RSM Flag.jpg

Theme: American Piracy

The Raging Saint Mae was the Flagship of the Rogues from January 2010 to August 2013, focusing administration and diplomacy. This ship was the primary contact for external groups or entities.

Captain: Traveler Hawk

Colors: Royal Blue, Copper and Black.

Commission: June 2004 - August 2013

The Koumori


The Koumori is a ship from the Far East that handles children's events, the organization of Trips and Caravans to other faires and out of area events.

Captain: Captain Zetsumei

Colors: Purple and Black

Commission: August 2006 - January 2013

The Nautilus


The Nautilus is a ship with Caribbean Focus that was blessed by Poseidon.

Captain: Captain Ohm and later Captain Daphne TartNSweet

Colors: Sand, Teal, wood, black

Commission: December 2009 - October 2012

The Sun God

Sun God.gif

The Sun God.

Captain: Captain Amon

Colors: Red and Black

Commission: June 2004 - 2011

The Rising


The Rising

Captain: Captain Full Moon, Captain Lorrance Ohm

Colors: Gold and Black

Commission: June 2004 - December 2009

Le Petit Morte

Le Petit Morte

Captain: Captain Walker

Colors: Green and Black

Commission: June 2004 - May 2006 (?)

The Southern Cross


The Southern Cross

Captain: Captain Griffin

Commission: June 2004 - ??

The Black Cauldron

The Black Cauldron

Captain: Raven

The Neptune's Fury


The Neptune's Fury

Captain: Captain Aramis

The Amber Star

The Amber Star

Captain: Captain Devon Davidson 'The Red'