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How do I join the Colorado Rogues?

First you become familiar with us through interaction and conversation. Most people are friends of at least one of the members who can vouch for them when they sign up on the forums. Once you sign up, the activation request is sent to the council where they will send you a questionnaire to fill out. The more Rogues you mention, the better off you are.

Once signed on, you will be a GOR, or Guest of Rogues. This will last until enough support from the fleet comes to persuade the Commodore to grant you Friend of Rogues status, or you find a Rogue sponsor by EOFP to interview with The Harbour.

The Harbour will then review and pick the top choices for the year's predetermined allotment of Step n Fetch positions.

You will then serve as a Step n Fetch for a year, working towards graduation and Rogue status.

I was told I wouldn't be vouched for because I showed up to the Renaissance Faire without garb.

This is ridiculous. Granted a Rogue can vouch for whatever reason they feel is important and are not required to vouch. A vouch is basically taking some responsibility for someone entering our group. If the guest acts poorly, this reflects upon the person making the vouch poorly.

This helps keep check on those new people but allowing everyone to interact and get to know each other as individuals.

A vouch has no requirements other than the Rogue putting their name next to yours while you meet everyone.

Why do people hate me?

Most of the time people hate you because you complain too much or appear to be too self serving. Also if you block processes repeatedly without offering a compromise you will find yourself cold and alone with no friends.

What is expected of a Rogue in good standing?

Active contribution. Help out, clean, bring something to share, suggest things to your ship, study pirates and/or period history, and most of all a positive attitude.

I have a problem with a member of the Colorado Rogues. What do I do?

Well assuming you tried to be a grownup and address this first with the person in question, and are not trying to just tattle and be an annoying spoiled brat who's always used to getting their way because your

But I digress.

You may contact our Commodore captaingreybeard[at]coloradoroges[dot]com

I demand to be a member of The Colorado Rogues without going through Step n' Fetch!

The Colorado Rogues is a Social Activities club with Limited Membership. We can choose who we want to be a part of it and who we don't. Our events can be open or closed depending on how we feel . The Step n' Fetch program helps find people who like helping and contributing to our community.

There is no way around this tradition that is older than the group itself.

There's an update I think should be on the wiki. I need this fixed, who do I contact?

You may E-mail your Captain (or designated editor for that ship) any edits pertaining to Roster, Ship and Individual Bios.

Stalkie McGroper at Stalkie[at]coloradorogues[dot]com Handles all other general information and data.