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Though not ships, Guilds are individual groups specialized in an area that members from multiple ships can be a part of. Basically a member of a ship can also be members of multiple guilds, but not multiple ships.

The guilds are not represented by a Captain and therefore do not function as a unique entity. Each Guild Master is head of projects pertaining to their specific field of focus and expertise. Individual guilds may have special requirements for membership and these requirements are determined by their respective Guild Master.

The Thieves Guild - Captain Ash Dresden

  • Administration of The Thieves Game

The Assassin's Guild - Genie

  • Administration of the Assassin's Game.

Our Lady of Perpetual Crisis - DD

  • Guild focusing on Medical and Spiritual healing.

The Church of the Dirty Virgin - Po Knose

  • Spiritual Advice, some real some jest.

The Galley - Genie

  • Cook's Guild. Servers of fine culinary delights at commissioned events.

Brewmeister's Guild - Jynkadinx Shiny

  • Where Grog meets artistry.

The Artisan's Guild - Cobalt

  • Where artists and artisans can inspire and collaborate.

The Archives Guild - Starbuck

  • Historians, dedicated to writing it down so you don't have to remember.

The Bard's College - Open

  • Thespians and musicians dedicated to educating and entertaining the fleet.