Other Rogue Groups

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There are other Pirate and period reenactment social clubs that we encounter in our faire travels that we interact with on various levels. Because the Rogues consider them an exclusive social organization, none of these similar themed crews have Fleet Membership or influence. Here are a few

The Sea Hawk - Fellow Colorado based group under Captain Ramirez

The Grand Junction Rogues group focused more on historical reenactment under Captain Devon Morgan Davidson

Bone Crew - Members primarily in Arizona and Denver they are the ones that "Bone People".. Captain Bone Momma and her crew aboard the HMS Boner also share some crew between our two groups.

Pirates of Rogues Cove - is the Las Vegas Rogues group, headed by Captain Riggs and Formed originally by Captain Aramis their vessel is Neptune's Revenge They are the original keepers of the infamous Bones to Jelly

The Persephone - Captain Kya Fox, With her crew from members from Salt Lake, Arizona, Seattle and Denver. Their Vessel is The crew will occasionally play alternate characters that oppose their pirate personas so beware!

The Crimson Marque - another Colorado-based piratical group.

The Feral Horde - Commonly known around out fleet as "The Barbarians".