Retired Rogues

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Retired Rogues are members of the fleet that have been members for at least 10 years and have chosen to be less active within the fleet and have officially petitioned the Council for retirement status. If they've chosen retirement, and aren't otherwise listed on a Ship roster, they can be found listed below.


This roster should be updated just as with any other ship move. Anyone that retires, yet goes to a ship, please LEAVE OFF this list to avoid potential confusion with their status.


The following are Rogues who have served the Fleet with Honor and Distinction over a number of years. They have earned the title Emeritus preceded by the rank they have retired from.

Fingers - Master of Thieves, February 2017
Ed Wojld McLaird - First Mate, August 2016
Bones - Ship's Surgeon, August 2014
Boutz - Fleet Guild Master, August 2013
Captain Hawk - Commodore, August 2013
Lady Di - First Mate, January 2012
Merlot Drinkwine - First Mate, February 2012
Lorrance Ohm - Captain, August 2012
Tempest Stormbringer - First Mate, August 2011
Mistress Blade - First Mate, April 2010
OJ - Lookout, April 2010
Shadowcat - Ship's Bard, December 2010
Jereth - Master of Assassins, December 2010
Commodore Amon - Commodore, December 2009; Captain, August 2011
Captain Muttq - Captain, August 2009
Captain Moon - Captain, August 2008
Madam Cricket - Madam, August 2008
Ethereal - Ship's Cleric, August 2008
Bulldog - Diplomat
Captain Aramis - Captain, Founder
Captain Griffin - Captain, Founder
Goddess - Rogue, Founder


The following are Rogues who have officially retired from the Fleet without the Emeritus title (an option which was instituted in 2011) and approved by the Captain's Council.

Trinity - December, 2017
Yeyo - August, 2017
Kilt Puppet - August, 2016
Captain Cecaelia - February 2015
Dashgirl - March 2011
JJ - March 2011


The following list of Rogues have left us to be on a much grander ship, and will not be forgotten.

Captain Aramis - Captain, Founder
Captain Devon, October 2016
Captain Full Moon, May 2016
Dog Watch, 2015
Dirty Little Irish, December 2012