The Andromeda

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Themes/Duties - As the Fleet's Warship The Andromeda concentrates on Fleet support and participation, with a strong family bond.

Ship Colors - Gold and Black

Ship Drink - Warship's Harvest

Ship Shot - (Formerly) The Final Word

Ship Toast - forthcoming

Current Roster - (17)

Ship's Head
Bonzi D Darkstar - Captain
Trance H Starbuck - Avatar
Battle Minion Roberts - Vanguard

BluHobbet - Prime Boarder
Twitch - Oracle
Shamus - Battle Finder
Lady Shiver Me Timbers - Ship's Surgeon
Requiem - Morale Officer
Genie Da Djinn - Butcher

Veteran Boarders
Snow F Darkstar - Veteran Boarding Crew
Hacksaw - Veteran Boarding Crew
Wyld Chance - Veteran Boarding Crew

Boarding Crew
Entropy - Boarding Crew
TK - Boarding Crew
Twisted - Boarding Crew
Lady Lure - Boarding Crew

Ship Awards

Calendar year 2014

Picnic and Games

  • 1st place Womens' Arm Wrestling
  • 1st place Tug of War

Grill Challenge Cookoff

  • Peoples' choice award for best meat

Ship Story

The longer, updated version:
Red. All that can be seen is red. The sea – red with the running blood of fallen sailors. The ship– red with the flames that licked at the fore sail and consumed the deck. The sky – red from the tinge of acrid smoke and billowing flames. A wicked fierce storm, with fire raining from the sky, ignited the powder kegs and destroyed almost everything that would float.

Captain Morgan, a mighty sea-fairing man, watched sadly as his ship splintered and burned among the foaming waves. With a heavy sigh, he left his cabin, donned his weathered coat and made his final stand upon the wheel well of his brave vessel. First Mate Darkstar watched as the Captain took his place, curious as to what orders might be given. Darkstar caught Morgan's eye and began walking towards his leader, but before either could speak, a sudden crack like thunder boomed in the air and a broken crossbeam surged towards the men. Darkstar managed to dodge the onslaught, but his beloved Captain caught the force of the ancient timber in the ribs and launched like a rag doll into the briny blackness. With fresh resolve, fueled by what he had witnessed, Darkstar knew to cut his losses and was determined to navigate his crew to safety. Acting quickly, Darkstar ordered the crew to gather as many supplies as they could carry, fill the longboats with every last living soul and abandon ship. As the waves settled and the final splinters of the ship slipped beneath the blackness of the deep, Darkstar began rallying his few remaining crew members, ordering them to lash the boats together, lest they be separated by a gale. He could feel a lump forming in his throat as he watched the dying vessel; Darkstar had learned much on this ship and it broke his heart to have it relinquished to the sea.


The young wench arose just as the sun was breaking over the horizon. Picking up a shawl from a nearby armchair to drape over her bare shoulders, she huddled beneath it, bracing against the cold. Softly she padded over to the stove and poked at the few embers left wavering in the blackened soot of numerous nights, and after placing another small log inside, her foggy thoughts were momentarily interrupted by a grunt and a rustling from her bed. She glanced over to the John still asleep and smirked. After placing his clothes near the bed, donning a fresh pair of bloomers and thick wool socks, she made her way into the hallway of the expansive mansion on the beach. Shuffling through the hallway into the grand foyer she shivered; there had been a wicked gale last night. Wrapping the shawl more tightly around her shoulders, she said a silent prayer of safety for the sailors who may have tried to make the nearby Harbour. Suddenly, a bell from the watchtower began to toll fervently and her heart began to race. Waves were breaking on the shore violently, but she couldn't make out any objects among them. She hurried to a nearby balcony to get a better view. A couple of other ladies sleepily emerged from their rooms to see what was causing the alarm to sound. At first she didn't see anything among the dark water, but soon, wreckage began to surface and come to rest on the sandy beach. The girl gasped- she could see a battered raft coming to shore, a man strapped to the main mast and a number of sailors preparing to land.

Madam Devyne bustled around her House, knocking on select doors to awaken their tenants. Soon a few men emerged and she instructed them to dress and hurry to the shore to assist the injured. The men obliged and after a few more knocks, the Madam had gathered her girls to ready themselves for a potentially disastrous scenario. All were eager to help, and as she gave orders the girls hurried off to their stations to gather supplies and ready their home for guests. Content that everyone was occupied with their duties, Madam Devyne wrapped herself in a warm cloak and made her way down to the Cove that would welcome the strangers to her Island.


While she watched the derelict vessel slowly make its way in to the natural harbour of the island, the Madam's thoughts drifted to her grandchildren. The eldest would have a Birthday soon, and her heart longed to be with them in the village on the other side of the Island. It was a two day journey to the village, and while she was perfectly capable of making the trip, she found that more and more she just wished to be with her grandchildren. As the vessel finally made landfall, the men from The House assisted the castaways disembark, while the ladies waited with dry blankets, fresh water and bandages. One by one, everyone made their way up from the beach and into the house, while the Madam waited to see if their Captain had survived. The last man off of the raft was tall and had a fire-red beard, he lacked any sign of rank, but that didn't mean much in this situation. Madam Devyne walked across the sand as he limped ashore. “Captain, I presume?” She said, loud enough for him to hear over the waves “First Mate,” He corrected, his voice hoarse from days at sea, “I'm the First Mate... Or I was, at least.” “You and the Crew are welcome in my House. I'm the Madam, Theadosia Devyne.” “We are lucky to have found you, Madam. Thank ye' kindly. I'm Darkstar, Bonzai Darkstar.”


Throughout the day, Madam Devyne walked the halls of her House with Mistress Spitfire, ensuring that the Ladies had everything they needed to make their guests comfortable. Business had been slow, because of the season, and the Madam knew this sort of excitement was the perfect diversion for her girls. Around midday They both went to the Lounge to share a light lunch once the Madam was content that everyone was well taken care of. “Spitfire, I think that it's time for me to head back to the village,” Spitfire nodded in understanding “For good this time.” The Madam continued, “I may make the trip back here now and again to visit, but I have other things that I would like to focus on now.” “I know this has been on your mind a lot lately.” Spitfire acknowledged, “And we will be very sad to see you go. I had just hoped that we would keep you for a little while longer.” Madam Devyne smiled softly, her green eyes sparkling, “I am very sad to leave, but I know you are fully capable of handling things here in the House. That makes this a little easier.”


That evening the Ladies threw a lavish party, both to welcome the crew of the lost Crimson Storm and to bid their beloved Madam a farewell. Among the merriment, Spitfire found Darkstar looking into his mug darkly. She reached out gently to touch his hand, rousing him from his thoughts, “Everything alright?” He looked up at the Madam as his thoughts floated away, “Aye. The hospitality ye've shown my crew has been much appreciated.” “We're happy to have you all.” She said with a smile and sat down, “Can I ask where you were headed?” Darkstar grunted and took a long drink, “We were headed North to trade our wares.” as she watched, his eyes grew dark and distant again, “On the fourth night out, Fire rained down on the ship from on high. Black creatures were circling high above us, spewing flames and ash on our vessel. We managed to escape with our lives, but half the crew, the ship, and all of our cargo was lost.” Spitfire listened to Darkstar's tale; She knew of black dragons from the cliffs two days south of here. Until now, they had left seafarers alone; at least to the best of her knowledge. Darkstar paused to take another long drink before continuing, his voice trembling very slightly, “I've no idea how I'll repay Henry Morgan. That cargo would have gone for a fair amount.” He sighed, “I don't even know how to confess his brother's demise.” The man trailed off again, his eyes turning misty. Spitfire was shocked by this admission: an honest Pirate? A lesser man in this position would simply call the ship and cargo lost, with little regard for doing the honorable thing. He could vanish without a trace and start over somewhere with a new name, but this man felt responsible for cargo and crew. She needed to know more, “Tell me more about Henry Morgan and his Brother, sweetie.” Darkstar sniffed and cleared his throat, “Good men. They are rough Rogues on the sea, but they have a heart of gold. Henry has a Distillery down in the Caribbean, it gives the locals some work and a small income. A few times a year he commissions his brother David to transport his rum, local sugar and tobacco to the surrounding islands and up north. That's where I found a job. Captain Morgan took me under his wing, showed me the love of the sea. Made me his First Mate.” He paused again and leaned back in his chair, lifted his mug in the air, toasted “He'll be greatly missed.”. With that, Darkstar took another deep drink, draining his mug, and began to cry softly. Spitfire moved over to comfort the sailor, her heart aching at his tale, she wanted to help him and the Crew, so she devised a plan that could help both of them. She waited a few moments, allowing the man to grieve, and then asked softly, “What if we could help you repay your debit?” Darkstar thought quietly about this for a moment, dabbing his eyes on his sleeve. “Whaddaya mean help us repay it?” He chuffed, “I have nothing to repay even the hospitality we've been shown by you fine ladies.” The Madam chuckled, “Nonsense. I have a plan that will help us all get what we want.” Her eyes flashed with fiery determination, “And it all starts with your crew.”


Within three months of their landing, the Pirates and Wenches had created a remarkable partnership and together they embarked on a magnificent project. The shipwrights and carpenters schemed to build two ships: one was a sturdy and swift war vessel, capable of smuggling cargo and out running a blockade. The Second was luxurious and spacious, a pleasure ship, designed to be an oasis in the ocean. The newly elected Captain Bonzai D. Darkstar (though if you ask him it's spelled “Bonzi”) christened his vessel The Andromeda and donned a flag of black and gold: “As a Phoenix, the Andromeda ascends. From the ashes of this ill-fated voyage She is reborn among friends.” Alongside the construction, brewmasters from the House and Andromeda crew worked to replenish the stock of spirits that were lost to the sea, to assist the Captain make good on his debit. The Madam, having already made herself a reputation in the area, attached “The House” title to her vessel with the goal of taking her business to the sea, seeking out other ships to offer other sailors

relaxation and companionship among the waves.

Ship Log

Calendar year 2013



Ship drink decided upon. Drink will be called Warship's Harvest.
Ship shot decided upon. Shot will be called The Final Word.


  • Ship sash design decided upon. Sashes for members will debut at Faire.

Calendar year 2014


  • First meeting of the year
  • Damien moved to Non-Commissioned Rogue status due to inactivity


  • Wiggles welcomed as Crew
  • Three Dog Moved to FOR status per request.
  • Foxglove Moved to FOR status per request
  • TK Moved to FOR status per request


Calendar year 2015



  • Starbuck Brought on as Crew
  • The Ship-wide First Mate challenge was issued

Calendar year 2016
EOFP - August

  • Starbuck was promoted to First Mate
  • Snow F Darkstar was granted an extra bone and the rank of "Veteran Boarder"
  • Genie Da Djinn was granted an extra bone and the rank of "Veteran Boarder"
  • Requiem has moved to Morale Officer (Officer)
  • Step n Fetch formerly known as Jettie Junior joined our ranks as Boarding Crew, taking the name Lady Lure
  • Trinity has moved on to the House Boat. We wish her fair winds and safe journeys!
  • The final dregs of our Ship Shot, The Final Word, has been drained and retired. We will create a new shot during an upcoming ship meeting.

Calendar year 2017
EOFP - August <more soon>