The Blood Eagle

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Theme/Duties - Blending Royal Navy turned pirate with Norse culture, public performance, history and reenactment.

Ship Colors - Red and Black

Ship Drink - Grog

Ship Shot - Odin's Eye

Ship Toast - The Traditional Toast of the Day

Pantheon - Norse

Current Roster - (9)

Ship's Head

Uriel McShiney - Captain
Cobalt McFiesty - First Mate Ankh2.jpgBell1.gif
Gypsy McSporker - Quartermaster Ankh2.jpg Belayingpin.gif

Regular Officers

Prince Charming McChavez - Master Artisan Ankh2.jpg Mug1.jpg

Athos McWookie - Bosun Ankh2.jpg Bell1.gif Belayingpin.gif

Senior Crew

Regular Crew

Falcon McJubilee - Rigger Bell1.gif Mug1.jpg Belayingpin.gif
Ragnar McDoom - Crew
Doctor McTardis - Crew
Fin McEwok - Crew Ankh.jpg Bell1.gif Mug1.jpg Belayingpin.gif

Honorary Crew

Commodore Amon - Retired
Ed Wojld McLaird - Retired

Tripwire (Dexter) - Bone's Destroyer
Bonesaw - Crew
Dog Watch (Toby) - Bone's Mate

Ship Story

Ship's Log





  • The Blood Eagle Welcomes Cobalt as Standard Crew
  • The Blood Eagle Takes 2nd place in the 2015 Cook Off - Red Meat Challenge




May -

March -

  • Stalkie McGroper completes presentation for Artisan (viking movies)


November -

September -

August -

April -

  • Ship wins Rogue Cup at the 7th annual Picnic and Games event


August -


August -

  • The Sun God is given to Stalkie to command. The crew and he rename the ship The Blood Eagle and sail to the Northern Seas to explore their past.
  • Drunken times ensue the rest of the evening

November -

  • Phrae promoted from Loblolly to Ship's Surgeon
  • Belladanna promoted from Historian to Ship's Scribe