The Colorado Rogues

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The Colorado Rogues is a collective fleet of ships, which as a whole are led by the Commodore. The title of Commodore is currently held by Jettie von Karma.

Below are listed the current Ships of the Colorado Rogues. Each has its own style, purpose, and personality. On each ship's page you will find the general information about the ship and a full crew roster.

Ships of the Fleet

The Andromeda

Andromeda1-logo.png The Andromeda is a ship with a focus on Fleet support and participation, while encouraging a strong family bond. Their colors are Gold and Black.

The Blood Eagle

BloodEagle-logo.png The Blood Eagle still focuses on the Royal Navy-turned-to-piracy, but has now sailed to northern waters to expand their exploration by incorporation of Norse culture into their theme. Their colors are Red and Black.

The Dreadnaught

Dreadnaught-logo.png The Dreadnaught is focused on the structural and service goals that comprise the Rogues as a community, with a strong focus on historical and reality involvement. The Mythos of King Neptune and the general Caribbean Piracy plays a large role in their theme. Their colors are Aquamarine and Black.

The Drude

Drude-logo.png The Drude is a band of Pirates who are seekers of myth and legend. They search for lost treasures, hunt for ghost ships, raid forgotten islands and collect people and their lore. Their colors are Dark Blue and Copper.

The Harbour

Harbouricon-3.jpg The Harbour is the gateway port for the Colorado Rogues, with a central theme of fantastical undead piracy. They serve to indoctrinate new recruits into the group through the Step'N'Fetch program, where they are taught the ways of a true Rogue. Their colors are White, Orange and Black.

The House Boat

House-logo.png The House Boat can be found tied to the pier just outside the harbour. It is a den of earthly delights, featuring an alluring band of pirate Wenches and Gigolos. The House Boat organizes many of the parties and dances for the Rogues. Their colors are Burgundy, Green and Black.

Mercenaries and Retired Rogues

  • Mercenaries - Rogues currently not assigned to a ship can be found here.
  • Retired Rogues - These Rogues have served the Fleet well and deserve their quiet retirement at the Rogues Cove Retirement Home for the Aged Pirate.


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