The Dreadnaught

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Ship Colors
Aquamarine, Black and Gold

Ship Drink

Ship Toast
Here's to King Neptune,
    Ruler of the Sea.
To the Dreadnaut and Her crew,
    I drink to thee.

Fleet Awards:

Fleet Bell 2016-2017
Cookoff Bowl 2015-2016, 2016-2017

Current Roster - (15)

Ship's Head

Zatara - Captain Captains Award of Excellence 2011 Captains Award of Excellence 2012 Shellback EoFP 2011
    Rogue since Jun 1986. Ship Service: Jun 2004.
Belladanna - First Mate Shellback EOFP 2017
    Rogue since 2009. Ship Service: 2016.
Lady Mayhem - Quartermaster Captains Award of Excellence 2014 Shellback EoFP 2014
    Rogue since ?. Ship Service: ?.


    Rogue since 2009. Ship Service: Mar 2016.
Strings - Ship's Bard Captains Award of ExcellenceShellback EOFP 2011
    Rogue since Aug 2006. Ship Service: Aug 2006.

Senior Crew

Kamaria Winda - Chronicler - (Abroad) Captains Award of ExcellenceShellback EOFP 2011
    Rogue since Aug 2007. Ship Service: Aug 2007.

Regular Crew

Sheerluck - Gunner
    Rogue since Aug 2006. Ship Service: Aug 2006.
Wil the Rat - Brewer
    Rogue since Aug 2004. Ship Service: Jun 2004.
PillowTop - Crew Shellback EOFP 2017
    Rogue since 2016. Ship Service: Aug 2016.
Slugger - Crew - (Abroad)
    Rogue since ?. Ship Service: ?.
Malice - Crew - (Abroad)
    Rogue since ?. Ship Service: ?.
Morwen - Crew - (Abroad)
    Rogue since ?. Ship Service: ?.
Fox - Crew - (Abroad)
    Rogue since ?. Ship Service: ?.

Dreadnaught Alumni

Former Crew
Half Moon - First Mate Shellback EoFP 2016
    Rogue since 2015. Ship Service: 2015.

Uriel McShiney Shellback First Mate EoFP 2015

Nemesis Oni
    Rogue since . Ship Service: Nov 2014 .

Kilt Puppet
Retired EoFP 2016 as Navigator of the Sun God

    Rogue since Aug 2007. Ship Service: Aug 2007.

Hunyadi Kelatna - Sergeant at Arms Shellback EOFP 2011
    Rogue since Aug 2008. Ship Service: Aug 2008.

Lady Warbrooke - First Mate Shellback EOFP 2012
     Ship Service: Dec 2010. Quit 2015

Ships Story

This is a sad but true story of a ship that came to an end and the beginning of a mighty battling pirate ship seeking the lost souls to bring them back home.

The Nautilus, a fine sailing ship, went through some changes. Captain Lorrance Ohm was sailing his ship when Neptune called it home. A storm blew up, the Top Watch yelled "Maelstrom!", and down the ship went. Having been through this before, the crew simply held fast and waited for the inevitable landing upon the sandy ocean floor.

As the now-familiar figure began to appear just beyond the edge of the walls of water, Captain Ohm suddenly lurched forward and through the torrent. The crew sensed, with that same vibrant presence as before, that they were to remain to behind. Not a sound could be heard through that watery veil, but the silhouettes of Neptune and Ohm could be seen emphasizing dramatic points in their conversation.

What happened in that meeting is unclear; but the crew felt no sense of punishment. It was clear, however, that their immediate pact with Neptune had come to an end.

Some say Neptune granted Captain Ohm his retirement; others say that Captain Ohm became Commodore Ohm of the Neptune's Revenge, battling Zeus for the oceans proper. It is said he is dealing out piracy and villainy on the surface dwellers of Zeus's domain.

First Mate Daphne Tart N Sweet, using her guitar strings, lashed together a raft that held the remaining crew of the Nautilus. The raft was dubbed "Dreadnought", because it was her belief that those left behind should Dread for nought; regardless of what lay ahead, she would see them through.

The Dreadnought Crew was picked up by some Scandinavian fisherman and taken to the fishing village east of what is now known as Bremen. Upon setting foot in the Harbour, the Harbourmaster took a shine to Captain Tart N Sweet, and made arrangements for her to meet with those needed to reestablish her former life of inspired music, and return to enjoying the musical mayhem she had a gift for producing. Bremen, being the musical city (with no rats, thanks to the Pied Piper Captain Tart N Sweet) went on to enjoy the merriment of the location.

Zatara then organized the crew to cast about in town to see what sea-faring options might exist. There came then upon the crew an ancient man who saw the pirates wandering around the docks and town, and had a loud guffaw at their expense. Zatara took offense, on behalf of his crew, and approached the Wizened old man.

Witnesses disagree on the nature of their conversation, but to a one of them it is said the final phrase uttered was a challange to a fight "befitting of a pirate". The old wizened man made him a promise that if Zatara could best him in an arm wrestling contest, he would give Zatara and his crew a ship, and laid a bag of gold in front of Zatara as consideration for the bet. His countering condition, however, was simply that if Zatara lost he would have to wait for an opportunity to arise, and the old man would be free to leave the area unscathed.

Zatara accepted, and the competition took place on a rum barrel in the middle of the docks. Zatara threw down his axe, and the arm wrestling contest was on.

Zatara threw everything he had into the contest and the old man's arm did not move. It was as if he was fighting the oceans itself in the middle of a squall to keep the ship running tried and true. But the old man's arm did not move. Zatara was about to have to admit defeat when the old man declared it was a draw.

Because it was a draw, he indicated, Zatara would indeed be Captaining his own ship soon enough, but it would not be the originally offered. As the old man uttered words in some foreign, almost unearthly language, the crew became aware of the formation of a mystical oath. It was as if the old man were willing Zatara to be the Captain of a ship not yet found. Being no stranger to that sense of making a pact with the Gods, the crew was rapt with attention to detail.

He spoke of spells, and spelling, of finding a Mad Queen, of having tea, of Norsemen and shiny things. He then bid Captain Zatara to honor his own name with both a Mad Queen and a Norseman. He tasked each of the remaining crew on various tasks; amongst them, Strings and Lady Mayhem to have a little fun in Bremen and woo the waves to dance and frolic.

So a week went by; the crew attended to the various tasks set to them by the old man and by Zatara. Strings was causing Mayhem to have some fun as they mused on what manner of music could entice the seas to dance. Captain Zatara and the crew were in search of this Mad Queen, all the while getting into trouble with the Lords of Bremen.

Strings struck a chord just as Mayhem found a beat that had been eluding her the entire week; an otherworldly vibrato which beckoned one's very soul to dance and frolic. She fell into a trance, continuing the rhythmic ecstasy, with increasing vibrato. And then it happened.

Bremen was set upon with a squall like no one would believe. Lady Mayhem snapped out of her trance, and she and Strings found cover under the remains of a makeshift shack on the docks. They resumed playing, for there was nothing else to do but stay out of the rain, and kept getting drawn repeatedly into that same trance-inducing frenzied rhythm.

The waves danced and frolicked underneath them as if the Pied Piper were playing an enchanting song. Captain Zatara strode forth to the dock with his spear in one hand and boarding axe in the other, and stood watch while they played -- it was evident this was not a normal rainstorm; it was as if the Gods and Goddesses were battling over property.

A ship then came into view at the edge of visibility, looking beaten as if it had been in a battle for its life, and making directly for the dock. Captain Zatara, assessing the ship's condition, wondered how it had not already sunk. Upon its flag there was the sign of the Sea Witch Ursula, and it dawned on him that she was a Mad Queen of the deep. He cast about and saw a coil of free sheet on the dock, laid his weapons on the deck, and prepared to haul in.

He helped tie the ship to the dock with this young shiny kid of a man. He introduced himself Uriel of the Shiney and Captain Zatara took an immediate liking to him. Before they were done securing the lines, Zatara had offered Uriel the position of First Mate on board whatever ship Captain Zatara should next acquire. As the evening wore on, Uriel became royally intoxicated by Lady Mayhem, and relented to accept.

The storm let up, and Captain Zatara was invited aboard the damaged vessel. Captain CC (who, upon inquiry regarding her name, suggested "just call me Inkeri, as it is easier to pronounce"), welcomed Zatara into her cabin for tea, where he was introduced to her First Mate, The Arch Dutchess Valya, and the Quartermaster, one Marquis de Nemesis.

After a short parleyance, the event was relocated to the dock, and all the crew were invited. Inkeri told a story of how the Mad Queen came to be. Captain Zatara and his crew could not believe the story at first; it seemed the remaining crew of the Mad Queen was simply...well, Mad. Zatara's disbelief showed clearly on his face, so Inkeri explained the storm that had been going on was a battle between the Gods of who got to keep the ship and the service they would support. As if on cue, there came then a knocking at the cabin door.

In walked the wizened ancient one with a beautiful lady and nine maidens of beauty. Before the gathered crews eyes, the old man took on a larger shape and became looking a bit younger. He stated , "I think it is time to have a party to bring these crews together". He brought forth a pot of ale , and Lady Mayhem and Uriel began drooling over it immediately. The nine maidens walked over to Strings and asked him to begin playing a tune, and started dancing as if they were waves. Captain Zatara then had the keen hindsight to finally ask who the gentleman was. He explained that he was Aegir, a sea giant, and god of the ocean and king of the sea creatures for the Norse. He introduced his wife the goddess R'an and his nine daughters the various waves of the oceans.

Like a smack in the head, Captain Zatara realized that this was all destined to be -- he could not defeat the sea, and all the tasks had been accomplished. Aegir then asked him under what name the ship should now sail. In deference to Captain Tart N Sweet, Zatara chose; and as a symbol of the fresh start the crew would be undertaking, he changed the spelling: Dreadnaught

When he did so, a great turbulence roiled under the ship, and a turquoise and golden light ascending from the waters below. The Mad Queen, and what was left of the original Nautilus, seemed to combine and make one whole ship, and both crews found themselves on board, in the Captain's Cabin.

The Dreadnaught was born, and it would serve the Sea God's Aegir, and with Mannan Mac Lir, for they crossed paths quite commonly. Aegir only asked that they pay homage on the flag (which they were tasked to design) to Odin, the Sea, and the Celts; but in return the ship would never be sunk, and would be able to call on the Gods and Fairy to defend the ship.

When the combined crew walked out of the cabin, what they beheld was the amalgamation of a British Frigate and a Viking War Ship. "Captain Zatara, take your Dreadnaught of a ship out and plunder until your hearts are content". Looking at Inkeri, he smiled, and stated in return: "You are a Sea Witch, are you not? How about you bring on some wind".

Inkeri was about to respond that she could not do so, when Aegir explained that all she had to do was ask.

Nemesis was over looking at the cannons, and Aegir asked him when he would be getting an axe. The question startled Nemesis, which was a feat after serving the Mad Queen, and Aegir continued: "You are too quiet, and need to find your peace. You are a deadly one, you are."

To Valya he bestowed upon her the gift of the culinary arts, and should she but have the desire, the creation of tasty food was hers to produce.

Aegir continued. "These are the presents I give to you for the combining of the crews". To Strings he gave him a lute and told him to continue to play, and his daughters will take him anywhere the crew wanted. To Lady Mayhem and Uriel he left his pot of ale for their concoctions of drink with the only rule that they always were to pour one mug of what they made to him.

"Captain Zatara," Aegir said finally, "take your ship out and have some fun."

And he promptly vanished in a puff of smoke.