The Drude

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Ship Colors: Dark Blue and Copper

Ship Drink: The Scorpion

Ship Shot: Neurotoxin

Ship Toast: "I could not help myself. It is my nature."

Ship Motto: Though our peril be beyond reason, our reward is beyond measure.

Ship Stones: Tiger's Eye and Lapis Lazuli

Current Roster - (10)

Ship's Head
Ash Dresden - Captain
Lady Gimlet - First Mate
Po Knose - Quartermaster

Freya - Bosun
Hilo - Hahnsmied
Solace Shadowmane - Master Artisan
Daphne TartNSweet - Minstrel of Death and Destruction

Regular Crew
Mistress Skye - Crew - (Abroad)
Switch - Crew - (Abroad)

Ship Awards


Ship Story

The Drude Is a band of Pirates who search for lost treasures; Hunters of ghost ships, Raiders of forgotten islands, Collectors of people and legends. The Ship and her crew are a melting pot of cultures, beliefs, and disbelief.

<more forthcoming>