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Theme/Duties - Administration of the Step n' Fetch Program

Ship Colors - White, Black, and Orange

Ship Drink - Fire Kraken

Ship Toast - "Je beoordelen mudda fukka"

Current Roster - (8)

Ship's Head

Stalkie McGroper - Harbourmaster
Goldie von Groot Recke - Portmaster
Sway von Buque - The Velvet Enforcer

Senior Officers

All positions open

Regular Officers

All positions open

Senior Crew

Rizzo von Ribeye - Lord of the Foresheet

Regular Crew

Jubel von der Man - The Merchant of Venom
(Primary Point of Contact for the Sponsors of the Step n' Fetch Program)
Spartan von Spier - The Gentleman Gladiator
Rex - Crew

Step N Fetches - (10)

SNF Symbol.jpg

Meet The Steps!

Pork Chop


Seaman Crunch

Pickle Rick

Butter Nuts

Deez Nuts

Love Muffin

Juice Box


Spicy Biscuit

Bucket List 2017

No new Steps for 2016-2017

Bucket List 2016

This was the first Step Class to have 100% Graduation!

Bucket List 2014-15

Brony PBR

Bucket List 2013-14

Boo Boo Chicken
Stinky WizzleTeat

Ship Awards

2006 Rogue Picnic

      Charades First Place Ribbion 
      Tug-a-War First PLace Ribbon
      Frizzbe Toss First Place Ribbon
      Water Ballon Toss First Place Ribbon
      Winners of the 1st Annual Rogues Picnic and The Rogue Cup

2006 Treasure Hunt

       First Place and was awarded the Treasure Map

2007 Chili Cook Off

       Best Presentation First Place Ribbion
       People's Choice First Place Ribbion

2007 Rogue Picnic

      Charades First Place Ribbion 
      Tug-a-War First PLace Ribbon
      Frizzbe Toss First Place Ribbon
      Winners of the 2nd Annual Rogues Picnic and The Rogue Cup

2008 Chili Cook Off

       Best Flavor First Place Patch
       Best over all chili awarded the Rogue Chili Bowl

2008 Rogue Picnic

       Golden Apple First Place Ribbion

2010 Chili Cook Off'

        People's Choice Ribbon

2011 Rogue Picnic

       Dodge Ball First Place Ribbon
       Tug-Of-War First Place Ribbon
       Winners of the 6th Annual Rogues Picnic and The Rogue Cup


2013 Chili Cook Off

        Winners of the Chili Bowl

2016 Chili Cook Off

         Winners of People's Choice

2016 Rogue Picnic

         Winners of Ultimate Frisbee with the Dreadnaut
         Winners of Men's Limb Wrestling
         Winners of Tug Of War
         Winners of the 9th Annual Rogues Picnic and The Rogue Cup

2017 Cook Off

          Winners Best Presentation

Ship Story

Coming Soon

Theme: Barbary Coast Piracy

The Harbour is the central port for the Colorado Rogues. New recruits are captured (inducted) into slavery (the Step'N'Fetch Program) where they learn the ways of our pirates. If the slaves (Steps) perform well throughout their servitude, they earn the chance at their freedom (Graduation) and choose where they wish to serve in the Fleet, much like Giovanni Dionigi, who was an Italian slave captured by the Barbary pirates, won his freedom, and became Uluj Ali, the Last Supreme Lord of the Barbary Pirates.

Useful Info For Noobs

Congratulations!!!!! You passed the first test. You found this page.

So you heard the pitch and are interested in becoming a Rogue. This page has the info you need to get you there.

We are a social drinking club with a charity problem and a golden age of piracy theme. As the true philosophical difference between Yarrrrrr and Arrrrrr is still a hotly debated topic the following guidelines and suggestions have been badly translated to plain English.

The first and most important step is for us to get to know you and you to get to know us. Outsiders are generally mocked, pointed at, kicked, poked with sharp things, and eaten, so stop being a stranger.

The way to do this-

1 Look through the Wiki-

You’re already here. This wiki has loads of information showing what we are all about and how we are organized.

2 Get on the Forums-

All of our events and our primary mode of communication are through our private forums so register asap.

But I have a warning- Your conduct on the Forums will make a huge difference towards being accepted. We expect a level of courtesy toward all our members and the forum rules are strongly enforced. As well as the Terms of Service.

Read the above paragraph again. It’s alright I’ll wait…

3 Come out and play with us-

Throughout the year we have a bunch of events and parties both public and private. On the forums we have a place for upcoming events. Show up to a public event and get involved. If we see you we will remember you. And us remembering you in a positive way that helps a lot toward you being accepted for the Step N Fetch program.

4 Apply for the Step N Fetch program-

This is where things get interesting. The Step N Fetch program is something all of us went through in one form or another. It’s the rite of passage and proving ground that you have what it takes to be a Rogue. Ask any Rogue about being a Step and they will tell you an interesting story. Every Step year is memorable.

Some things you should know about being a Step-

It takes effort- Being a Rogue takes effort. The more active participants we have the more we can do. We want people who are willing to participate and make the Rogues even better.

It will invade your life- Mwa ha ha ha. It will take time (someone has to go get the booze), it will cost money (someone has to pay for the booze), it will not always go smoothly (someone has to go back for ice), it’s a lot of fun (for those who get to drink the booze). The more you put into the Rogues the more you will get out of it. We are a giant dysfunctional family and you will get all the joys and sorrows that comes with it. And its completely worth it.

Every year at the Colorado Renaissance Festival the Harbour does interviews with potential Steps to determine if you are right for the program. We have a list of requirements and guidelines that we look for in each applicant.


Definition of REQUIREMENT: something required: a : something wanted or needed : necessity <production was not sufficient to satisfy military requirements> b : something essential to the existence or occurrence of something else : condition <failed to meet the school's requirements for graduation>

-Must have a Full Rogue in good standing as a sponsor -Must be able to attend the End Of Fair Party (EOFP) -Must be available for 2 mandatory events during the Rogue year (Meet’N’Greet Parts 1 & 2) -Must attend the First Step Meeting in September -Must be able to attend the EOFP the following year for your Graudation


Definition of GUIDELINE: a line by which one is guided: as a : a cord or rope to aid a passer over a difficult point or to permit retracing a course b : an indication or outline of policy or conduct

-Must know and be friends with more than 1 Rogue -Must be willing to take orders without a “please” or “thank you” attached -Must be able to laugh at oneself as well as at others -Must be able to resolve conflict swiftly and appropriately -Must be able to dedicate as much time to the Program and the Rogues as if they were working a part-time job at 5-15 hours per month -Must be able to attend a minimum of 4 days of Colorado Renaissance Festival 2018 -Must be honest -Must be reliable -Must be able to contribute to the writing, production, and performance of an original skit with the other members of the Step Class -Must have consistent access to the internet and the Colorado Rogue forums -Must not let personal drama interfere with their involvement or a fellow Step's involvement with the Program

Congratulations!!!! You passed the second test You read this whole thing Now go back to the top and actually do it. Hopefully we will raise a pint with you soon.