The House Boat

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Theme/Duties - A band of Pirate Wenches and Gigolos, providing pleasure to the Fleet.

Ship Colors - Green, Burgundy and Black

Ship Drink - Fairye Passion

Ship Toast - "May my house always be too small to hold all of my friends"

Ship Motto - Pain and pleasure, at the House we love laying down on the job.

Retired Ship Drink: The Green Cricket (EOFP, August 2008)
Retired Ship Toast: At the TOP of your lung capacity “Cream me you sexy bitch!” (EOFP, August 2008)

Current Roster - (14)

Ship's Head

Spitfire - Madam
Jynkadinx Shiny - Mistress
Shadow Wolf - Quartermaster


Dahlia - Bosun
Magdalene - Storyteller
Bellows - Navigator
Jaded - Artist Maven - (Abroad)

Senior Crew

Pirotess - Wench
Theodosia Devyne - Wench

Regular Crew

Wraith - Crew
Ming - Geisha - (Abroad)

Past Crew
Markos - Crew
Trinity - Wench
DD - Kisser of Boo-Boos
Calypso - Purveyor of Sinful Delights (Master Artisan)
Onyx - Maker of Shiney Things (Artisan)
Francesca - Retired Finder of Playthings ( Artisane d'Art)
Amelia Koch - Wench
Starbuck - Scribe
Troy - House Masseur
Rattigan - Convoyer
Geno - Gigolo
Madam Devyne - Retired Madam
Patience Galore - Librarian (Scribe)
Lady Mayhem - Certified Intoxicologist
Madam Cricket - Retired Madam
Mouse - Past Surgeon
Piper - Past Wench
Verbena - Past Wench
Horni - Past House Virgin - Reincarnated 2014 as Starbuck
Pirate Princess - Past Mistress
Merlot- Retired Mistress

Ship Awards

"'2015 Picnic n Games"'

  • 1st place Wrestling

"'2016 Rogue Cookoff"'

  • Best Presentation

"'2015 Picnic n Games"'

  • 1st place Arm Wrestling

2012 Green Chili Cookoff

  • 2nd place overall

2009 Chili Cook-Off

  • Most Unique Chili

2008 Toy Drive

  • Winner - Most toys collected

2008 Chili Cook-Off

  • Best Presentation

2007 Canned Food Drive

  • Winner - most cans collected

2006 Rogue Picnic

  • First Place - Pickle Sucking
  • Third Place - Three Leg Race

Ship Story

After all these years, the house is finally getting wet! Since the Blood Eagle paid up their tabs at picnic and games, we are now able to build ourselves a ship. The “House” will remain on the island, but it’s time for us to start a delivery service. The House Boat, where WE dock YOU!